About Me.


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About My Job

I work at Roam Holdings as a Software Engineer. We work with technologies such as .net, Unity, Occulus Rift, Window Mixed Reality, SQL, ASP.net/WebAPI, and Web Languages (HTML/CSS/Javascript).

Roam focuses on 3D AR and VR military and business solutions.

As well as realtime web based streaming and remote desktop and visual processing.

About My Life

Relationship Status: Single


My cat and the sassiest soul I ever met, Lilly!

About My Education


I recently graduated from OTC. OTC is rated in the top 16 community colleges in the United States. I got my GED from OTC as well and I scored high enough on the GED test to get a scholorship from OTC.

OTC annually wins awards in the national level in competitions by their students at SkillsUSA in the computer programming genre. They placed their trust in me to go and I took home 2nd in the nation at 2016 SkillsUSA national competition in Louisville, KY. Also brought home 1st place at MO State competition.

About My Religion

Religion Of Logic

I am a devout athiest. So much so in fact that I started my own, not a typical religion, religion. Curious? It's called "Religion of Logic". People who practice it are considered to be RoLing.

It is more like buddhism, it is not a relegion in that you must believe in anything or think anyone is a god. It is mostly centered around dealing with critical thinking in the 20th century and how to sort through bullshit.

I won't go into much detail here but the entire religion is documented in the link below.

Click there to download the Religion Of Logic explaination document.